In the era of Digital Media, education is what hampers the new age audience and to get a way through it, E-Learning is what came into the picture

With the quality of Education the question rises is about the quality of medium to make education more reachable and accessible to all with technology. E-Learning is Electronic Learning and it is called electronic because it doesn’t use any ancient source for educating.

E-Learning uses technologies to make learning easy for both, teacher & students. The main purpose is to create a user friendly environment for education and educator.

E-Learning comprises of some elements to be a successful mean –

  1. Camera for Shooting
  2. Designs & PPTs
  3. Video Editing
  4. Data Management
  5. Promotional Snippets
  6. Tech
  7. Marketing 

These means are just the solution for all your E-Learning needs. The whole description with the use of every mean will be covered below. These 7 stones of E-Learning is not so much difficult that everyone thinks is. Let’s have an insight – 

1. Camera 

Camera, as the name suggests us is for shooting, what you are teaching will be recorded through a camera and you can watch what you have recorded. In the start you can feel camera shy or not so comfortable with the camera but you can overcome and conquer this with time.

2. Designs & PPTs 

To make any lecture appealing and engaging Designs are an important part to get, but if you have any insight of how to present and approach to students, your design can help you do more with the content then. Designs are just complementary for you to elaborate more in simple way.

3. Video Editing

The soul of a video lecture or any output lies on its editing, not any professional editing needed here but just to address your pauses and fumbles. The editing is only focused to make your content

A module to generate E- Learning content with the home made ecosystem with the Subject matter knowledge just need your creative angle to create video content that can connect students to the Lectures, with an interactive approach to display. Our global knowledge base, innovative approach, and a large network of authorized partners ensure the job is done professionally with budget. 

Our milestone in the field of online education –

  • 4500+ hrs of E-learning including
  • Theory Lectures 
  • Practical Sessions
  • Case Discussions
  • Operation Theater Shoot
  • Animated Lectures

Our work environment and work processes are based on breakthrough innovations, cost-effectiveness, and creative interaction. We have designed patterns and systems that function with a synergy to align and offer maximum output on minimum costing.

List of Activities -

1. Coordination - PAN India & Australia

2. Shooting - PAN India, Gulf Countries & Australia (Multi Location shooting at once)

3. Pre-Production - Designing, Logo Design, PPT Format, Graphic Designing, Character Designing

4. Post Production - Video Editing, Quality Check, Audio Filtration, Copyrighted Music (Deliverable : 250-300 hrs of content in a month)

5. Animation - 2D & 3D Animations, Explainer Videos

6. Data Management

7. Promotional Videos/Snippets

8. Cloud Sharing Process

9. Tech - Customized technology, Website Integration, Payment Gateway, Server Management

10. Marketing - Organic Marketing, Paid Ads, Social Media Marketing, Website SEO, Meta Verification (Blue Tick), Market-driven strategies

More information on strategies for E-Learning or you want to have a discussion with our professionals so feel free to approach